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At KDS, we have a reputation as commercial and industrial construction specialists. Our company’s local and national presence allows us to commit to projects on all scales and gives us access to the most suitable resources and building materials available. Our portfolio includes commercial foundations, factory units and commercial and agricultural buildings, as well as many more structures built to specification.

Our civil engineering services include the design phase and approval process through to construction work and final assessment - incorporating extensive planning and project management throughout. Each step taken on the journey to structure completion will be discussed by both parties, as we believe that developing personal relationships with clients is an integral part of the success of the overall project. We have skilled civil engineers with expert problem solving skills to ensure any commercial or industrial project is able to overcome unforeseen obstacles.

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Unrivaled Work

The quality management system we have in place regulates all of our construction services and we pay great attention to detail to all of our groundworks and engineering. For further information regarding our construction project management feel free to contact us today.

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Established 1963

With almost half a century in the industry, KDS have the developed expertise and resources to meet the varying demands of our clients. Our projects are always tailor-suited to clients’ needs, and meet certain specifications thanks to the mechanisms we have in place.

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With an extensive portfolio of work, we have a proven ability to meet the most demanding of briefs.

By working on projects for different types of structural requirements, KDS are able to extend an experienced knowledge over any size of project.

Construction Engineers

Industrial Construction, Civil Engineering, Reinforced Concrete - KDS are second to none.

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