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As specialists in the construction industry, we’re able to carry out drainage works for plumbing and effluence purposes at premises, and also for roadside drainage requirements. By carrying out detailed drain surveys at your site or at the roadside, and by having skilled engineers, our drainage works are always high in quality and built for purpose and to budget. Our groundworks are always of the highest standard and carried out to specific time frames.

We can design and install water and waste water infrastructures at your site and make quality sewage connections so that your drainage and sewage systems work in-sync with your building. We carry out full pipeline commissioning and can excavate all drainage sites and dig our own trenches to lay new pipelines and drainage works.

To get a drain survey for your site or for any other inquiries for services such as road drainage, you should call KDS Construction.

Commercial Drainage

Our drainage works, such as drain construction or drain surveys are delivered promptly and completed to budget.

Drain Construction